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Emma June Band (formerly EMMA JUNE) was founded on the tenets of friendship. Comprised of Abbie Duquette on the fretless uke bass, Zoe Young on vocals and guitar, Abby Kahler on vocals and fiddle, and Emma Ayres on vocals and guitar, the band is notorious for their humorous banter, theatrical antics, and energized presence. Four unapologetic songstresses, rough around the edges, unabashed harmonies, and pictorial lyricism. As a wise woman in Nashville once said to them: “You deserve what you want.” They want this.


Vocals, Guitar / Emma Ayres
Bass, Vocals / Abbie Duquette
Vocals, Guitar / Zoe Young
Fiddle, Vocals / Abby Kahler

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Listen to graduate

graduate by breadwinner

Graduate marks the birth of the first record by Emma June Band. This project is a toast raised to the open road and an unapologetic exodus from the doldrums of "the expected." Featuring the delicious rasp of Emma Ayres, the honey menace vocals of Zoe Young, and the fiery fiddle & luxurious harmonies of Abby Kahler, "Graduate" will lead listeners through a spirited Americana-inspired archive of the fateful year of 2017. Special thanks to Ann Marie for finding us on the muddy slopes of Grey Fox, 2017, hosting us for an impromptu acoustic set, and encouraging us to share our voices with the world. In the wise words of Emma Goldman: "When we can't dream any longer, we die."

released June 17, 2018 

fiddle/vox/abby kahler 
vox/zoe young 
vox/emma june 
guitar/bass/accordion/c. kerrigan 

Lyrics and music by Emma Ayres (Publisher: Emma Ayres) with the exception of "county fair, 2014," which was co-written with Olivia Holcomb. All tracks arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by C. Kerrigan at Amity House Studios, Amherst, MA.